Devops / Cloud Infrastructure Analyst

Devops / Cloud Infrastructure Analyst

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We are looking for a talented DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure Analyst to design, improve and administer our Cloud Infrastructure through DevOps practices such as SRE, Monitoring & Anomaly Detection Automation, CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, Containerization, DBA and Systems Administration. The ideal candidate has a profound passion for DevOps and for delivering business value through technology. This is a highly analytical role that requires a driven, self-reliant and generalist site reliability – cloud infrastructure – tooling – deployment engineer / systems administrator, aka DevOps. What you’ll do: Administer and monitor our cloud infrastructure, including servers, load balancers, databases, caches, queues, etc… Implement SRE best-practices so as to ensure 100% uptime and data integrity of all on-cloud/on-prem infrastructure; Improve our monitoring & logging solutions and implement automatic error/anomaly detection and notification solutions; Design and implement a continuous deployment pipeline for our digital products; Develop deployment and load-test tooling; Perform database migrations when needed; Manage access roles and policies; Implement IT security best-practices; Design and perform load (stress/traffic) tests on our application servers; Continuously optimize our servers and databases to achieve maximum performance.



Degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, systems analysis, mathematics or related fields; 1-3 years of solid experience in managing high-traffic and resilient cloud infrastructures; Advanced knowledge of Google Cloud Platform stack and DevOps technologies are a must; Experience with the following cloud tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, Kong / nginx API gateways, RabbitMQ, MQTT telemetry protocol, SSH/SFTP protocols, Able to write automation scripts over any of the following languages: Python, Shell, Lua, Go, Make; Basic knowledge in software engineering best practices and trends; Advanced English skills are required.


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